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Framaroot is one of the best apps to root android phone in one click. Most of the guys are looking to download Framaroot apk so that they can root their phone in one click. As this app is not available in the play store so I have decided to come up with a dedicated Framaroot [ ]. The easiest and fastest one click apk to root your Android. Just a few simple steps can get you a rooted device within minutes. KingoRoot is developed in apk file format. Free download and install it on your Android device, click to root and voila, it is done. Feb 11,  · [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click apk to root some devices. Feedbacks on supported devices will be greatly appreciated in order to update the compatibility list. Superuser and su binary include in application work from android 2 to 4. Success with this application .

10 APK to Root Android without PC/Computer [Best Rooting Apps ]

Earlier, it was almost impossible to do even little customizations. But today, the scene is entirely different now, apps root apk. Even after rooting the stock Android or Stock ROMwe get a whole new level of control with lots of customization options. Once you have rooted your android phone, you can easily tweak apps root apk phone to a next level by using some of specific apps which can be run on rooted android device only.

So, in this post we will share some of the best root apps which are supported on Rooted android phones only. If you own an android phone which is unrooted, then you can root your android device without computer too, apps root apk.

I have included a bunch of useful apps to be used on rooted phones. I handpicked all the apps for ensuring the topmost quality for you. Here we go with the list of top root apps for Android. Are you looking for working ways to improve Android battery life? Then, you must download and install Greenify. Greenify is undoubtedly best android app for rooted android phone users who want to have a good battery backup. Recently, they have also released a new Greenify app for unrooted android phone owners too, but there are many limitations in that.

I personally use it on an unrooted device and found it really worthy. Apps root apk you can imagine how good it is on a rooted mobile. Greenify shows the apps running in the background and how many times it wakes up your device. It also gives you an option to hibernate the background running apps to save battery life. Using this app, you can save both RAM and battery juice simultaneously. Overall, it will also increase performance and fluidity of your android phone.

Custom ROMs allow you to bring your phone to a new customization level. Moreover, they optimize Android for better performance as well, apps root apk. As installing custom ROMs include several geeky processes, many users try to stay away from the same.

Xposed Framework is one of the best root apps for Android which can be used to customize the phone to the fullest without installing custom ROMs. There are several modules for button remapping, theming, performance tweaks and UI customization inside the app. The only thing you need to do is finding the modules that are compatible with your device. The download link is available on XDA forum only, as this is an app built by their developers for the sheer customization of Android without installing custom ROMs.

Download App. Lucky Patcher is undoubtedly one of the best apps for rooted android phones. There are many exploits available in this android app which works with almost every android app installed in your android phone. You can enjoy many exploits like Remove License Verification, Remove Ads and it can also help you in removing system apps root apk from your android phone. Lucky Patcher also allows users to create custom modified APK files of android apps which you have modified, apps root apk.

When you will open Lucky Patcher app first time, you will see list of android apps installed in your android phones which are highlighted into different colors. They have different meanings for each color which you can read more about it on the official site apps root apk Lucky Patcher. Download Lucky Patcher. Have you ever thought about controlling different audio devices connected with your phone individually? Unfortunately, it is not possible on normal Android phones.

You can only monitor the volume of the playback in Music app, you can add effects and bass using the equalizer. XDA forum has found a solution for this problem as well. With apps root apk advanced root access that you get after rooting your phone installing Viper4Android is easy. You can control the playback through phone speakers, headset, Bluetooth device or any other audio equipment you connect to the phone.

Viper4Android is your Android audio lab. It comes with an audio driver by itself, which adds beauty to the sound you hear through the phone. Tons of additional effects and bass boost are there using which you can explore the new horizons of audio hearing. The download link I have given below leads to an XDA forum thread. As this one is an app for rooted phones, you must follow that little bit complicated installation procedure.

Backing up the data on your phone or any other device is significant because no one can predict a terrible moment for it. If you are a serious smartphone user and there are tons of data on your phone for sure including files, contacts, then Titanium Backup is apps root apk app for your rooted device.

Have you ever taken backups? For the very same reason, you need a third- party app for backing up the smartphone data. Titanium backup is one of the top rooted apps for Android that allows you to remove bloatware good-for-nothing apps come preloaded with the device. And, apps root apk, it can be used for taking backups of applications and app data as well. There are two versions of the same app available on the Google Play Store; one is free, and the other one is paid.

There are many good feature in premium version, but free version is enough for most of the users. Do you want to automate every action of your smartphone? Tasker can do anything for you like if you want that music player should be opened when you plug your headphones into it, then Tasker can easily do that for you.

If you check the review of this app, you will be able to see the description as an app that does everything. Yes, apps root apk, Tasker can do a lot of tasks. It is more of an automation app using which you can turn off the lock screen when you are in the home, turn on the silent mode when you are working, etc. Download from Play Store. As you can figure out from the title of this app, it manages the nandroid backups. You can interact with the nandroid backups quickly with Nandroid Manager.

You can recover and restore data to your current device using nandroid backups. Nandroid Manager also allows you to extract files from Nandroid Backups. This app has both Paid and free version and you will get some advanced features with the paid version, apps root apk. Download Apps root apk Manager. As, the usual power menu of a phone includes the Power off option, sometimes the Reboot and Flight mode options as well.

So, have you ever thought of making your power menu even more powerful? With Quick Boot, you can bring the power menu to a whole new level by inserting Reboot to Recovery and Reboot to bootloader as well.

Both paid and free versions are available; with the former you will get Tasker support and a hot boot option. Download Quick Boot. Have you ever encountered a bang-the-head-on-the-wall moment after deleting a useful file accidentally? But from now on, you can smile even after deleting necessary files because Dumpster can restore the data for you. It supports music, apps root apk, images and videos the most. But you can recover documents as well. Basically, Dumpster will act as a Recycle Bin of your android phone in which every deleted file of your android phone will go.

It goes to the Dumpster recycle bin. You need to open the app and remove from there as well. Download Dumpster from Play Store. GL Tools is top rated root app among rooted android phone users.

If you are a gamer and loves to play heavy games on your android phone, then you should install GL Tools now. With GL Tools, apps root apk, you can render the graphics at apps root apk slower bit rate so that your CPU can withhold the same and due to this tweak, you can enjoy high-end games without any kind of lag.

Here comes another best app for gamers and battery lovers both. Yea, you heard it right. You can play with CPU Frequency of your android phone just by swiping your finger on the screen. If you want to save the battery then lower the frequency and battery performance will increase. Apps root apk Using this app is a bit Apps root apk. When it comes to battery juice, Android sucks as compared with iPhone. Do you know why? It is because of a number of background apps Android keeps running in the background, apps root apk.

If you have a rooted Android device, you can get rid of that critical battery drain process with an app called Servicely. It helps you disable background apps for all the time or for a specific period or by the time your screen turns off.

Though, apps root apk, you can use Servicely alternative Greenify for this purpose too. Making use of this app, you can stop bloatware running in the background with a single click. You need to spend about three bucks to buy this app from Play Store. Download From Play Store, apps root apk. All of a sudden, your SD card gets locked. If you are a KitKat or Lollipop user, you might have faced this issue several times, apps root apk. Just install the app, open it, hit for the making the changes, wait for a few seconds and reboot.

Download SDFix, apps root apk.


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Top Rooted Devices. One Click Root is committed to providing superior Android maintenance services. We are always available via live chat and by phone. We love our customers and our customers love us back. In addition, our site features thousands of how-to articles and a deep knowledge base filled with information about your Android device. Jun 08,  · But When it comes to best rooting apps, then CF Auto Root Apk Download for Android is the common name that appears is most of the cases. SMS Bomber Online. Guys, If you are always find how to Download CF Auto Root app and install it on your android smartphone to root automatically, then you are come in % right place then continue reading. Feb 11,  · [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click apk to root some devices. Feedbacks on supported devices will be greatly appreciated in order to update the compatibility list. Superuser and su binary include in application work from android 2 to 4. Success with this application .